10 Pointers Every SharePoint User Needs to Know

Microsoft SharePoint offers a range of powerful features to users. However, in order to make the most effective use of all its features, it is necessary that a company’s management is aware of the various ways in which the program can be used properly. This can also help in SharePoint online customization. Here are the ten basic things that every user of SharePoint should keep in mind while working with it.


The edition of the SharePoint program

The functionalities of SharePoint depend greatly on the version or edition that you are using. So you should be well aware of the edition that you are using and learn about its technical specifications before starting to work on it. You can also learn about this on various SharePoint Online forums.

Master all front end features and tools

Learn all that you can about the front end features and tools that comes with SharePoint. Even if you mostly handle back-end processes, learning about the front end is going to help you manage various admin tasks with less number of hassles.

Use SharePoint in a planned and structured manner

Before actually starting to use SharePoint, make sure that you have a proper usage plan in place. Having a structured approach to using SharePoint will help you to get the most out of it. Be clear on the various elements of this program that each of your teams is going to use.

Do not try to be jack of all trades

SharePoint has a large number of utilities and features, and therefore you should avoid learning about them all at one go. This is only going to leave you more confused. Instead, start from one aspect and then gradually master all the rest.


Use the web parts that are just right for you

While you will find plenty of web parts for your use, taking the time out to learn about all of time can be time-consuming. Instead, you should try and go through the online reviews of the web parts as it can help you to understand which of them will work for you.

Regularly monitor your SharePoint search

Get in touch with a SharePoint Portal Development company that can help you to regularly monitor your SharePoint search. Constant monitoring of SharePoint along with configuration can remove errors and increase efficiency.

Learn about the types of content and search columns

SharePoint mainly includes these two types of elements, so learning about them will make it easier for you to work with SharePoint.

Co-author the documents for saving on time

You should co-author the SharePoint with your team members as and when you can since it helps in saving time.

Learn about One Drive for business

Get a SharePoint IT Pro Support to teach you all about One Drive for business. This works very differently from personal One Drive accounts. Therefore you need to know how it works and what you need to do to share documents with it made from other Microsoft programs.

Mobile use of SharePoint should be customized for making it user-friendly

While SharePoint may work on mobiles, it is not naturally mobile-friendly. Make sure that you create a master page for SharePoint and the associated CSS files so that they may work smoothly on mobile.